My Story


My time as a physics student was coming to an end although I still wasn’t aware of it. I had just naively started a passion project: my own skateboarding Youtube Channel. I had been taking my camera to every skate session lately so, why not start to share this content? To my –and everyone else’s– surprise, the subscriber count on the channel escalated to 10.000 before my 6th month as a content creator. By the end of the year, it was 35.000 with +2M views. Could this be my chance to become a full-time skater? Was this even possible?


My Social Media channels were growing –they would end up gathering more than 500k people–. I had become a full-time skater, but I didn’t follow the common path. I was an entrepreneur, but I hadn’t realized it yet. The year’s highlight was definitely that a grip tape company decided to take me to Ethiopia to work with the skateboarding NGOs in the country. To this day, this is one of the best experiences I had as a skateboarder.


Owning my own skate company had always been my dream, but I had no idea how to execute it. It took a childhood friend turned into a business partner and a memorable local skate shop to launch Skatenergía: not the stereotypical skate company. The launch was a huge success, we toured the country, became the leading national skate company on social media, and sold +1000 skateboards in our first year.


This is the year that turned my life around. I had scheduled a summer Skatenergía tour and trips to Uganda, the US, and even Tokyo, to cover the first-ever skateboarding Olympics. All of it was thrown out the window by a virus. So I moved to Vienna, and as things started to look promising again came the news I never wanted to hear. I had to stop skateboarding. Forever.


As I adapted to my new reality, I realized how cool my life had been for the past few years, but decompressing also unveiled a fair amount of burnout. Being so exposed on social media had taken its toll on me. So, as restless as I am, my goal for 2021 was to take time off to reflect on the next step. I decided to shut down Skatenergía and quit social media as a content creator.


Being able to work on projects from behind the scenes felt great. I still wanted to innovate and leave a positive footprint in the world, but doing so from outside the spotlight allowed me to have more perspective and perform at my best. That’s why I joined Lateral Thinking, to take on the strategy of their brand experience projects with global brands. I also finished my bachelor’s degree, which felt great.


Working on it…

«I realize I am still young. I try to absorb new learnings like a sponge every single day. Even so, I believe I have a very unique journey, that allows me to understand complex problems while preserving the adaptability and digital know-how of my youth.»