Francesc Boix

I am a strategic planner based in Barcelona. I work for Lateral Thinking, one of the most renoun creative agencies in the city.

Before, I was a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur and internet content creator, experiences that gave me a unique background to do what I do today. 


Dance Camp

Nike wanted to create a massive event for the dance community in Barcelona. They needed a user generated content experience to generate engagement within the Gen-Z community, and we delivered a 2x2 meter glass platform which launched a digital interface that recroded them from a new persepctive.


Fins Aviat, Camp Nou
FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona honored LT with the responsability to conceptualize and execute the celebration of the last match at the stadium as we know it. This was every football fan’s dream...

We delivered a cohesive journey from the pre-game to the +1h post-game tribute to the 66 years of football legacy the stadium represents.

2020 Olympics

I had the opportunity to be a commentator on the first-ever skateboarding Olympic Championship. I did so on Televisión Española, the Spanish public television channel.

The first-ever skateboarding Olympics were a turning point in skateboarding history. I take a lot of pride in having provided a voice for skateboarding in such an important moment.

Drop In Eurotour
Red Bull

Red Bull wanted to put up a memorable event to kick off their skateboarding team’s European tour. So our Lateral Thinking and Skate Agora teams got the space ready to produce a demo that Barcelona’s skate community wouldn’t forget.

On a more personal note, as I drove home after the event I reflected on the experience I had just lived. I had shaken hands with my childhood heroes. I don’t believe I would have started taking skateboarding seriously if I hadn’t seen the Plan B team —where Torey, Ryan, Leticia and Felipe skated— on videos back in the early 2010s. Where would I be if I hadn’t started taking skateboarding seriously?

I started skateboarding because of them, created a career around it thanks to them, and when I had to stop skateboarding they were still there, inspiring a new generation of skaters to take up this marvelous piece of wood.

A New Perspective On Skateboarding

In 2018 I co-founded Skatenergía, a skate company that aimed to break the negative stereotypes commonly associated with skateboarding.

This project captured a specific period in all of our lives. While filming all the videos we produced, we toured the country, gathering hundreds of like-minded fans at every skatepark where we stopped by. We shared sessions, injuries, jokes, thoughts, friendship, and even some fights. Everything with the goal of sharing with the world a vision of skateboarding that was constructive, never destructive.

We sold out every collection we ever put out and quickly became the most-followed Spanish skate company on social media.

Three years later, in March 2020, the pandemic hit and propelled a series of events that led to my decision to put an end to the project.
2018 – 2021