// An audiovisual project from skaters to skaters.

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Skate and Create was the second audiovisual project produced by Skatenergía, the company I co-founded.

The project, like most skate videos, is a compilation of the brand’s skaters’ best street skateboarding tricks used as a marketing tactic. In this case, I dare to say it was more than that.

This project did not only capture the best of our skateboarding during the year 2019, but it also captured a specific period in all of our lives. While filming this video, we toured the country, gathering hundreds of like-minded fans at every skatepark where we stopped by. We shared sessions, injuries, jokes, thoughts, friendship, and even some fights. At the time we were unaware of our luck, which as any other good thing, it didn’t last too long.

In March 2020 the pandemic hit and forced us to launch this project without a proper premiere event and celebration. It would be our last one.

Additional information

The project was filmed by Gorka Ramirez and Alex Andujar, with photography by Aleix Buch. Graphics by Manel Augé and the narrator voice by Pol Lluís.

It features the Skatenergía team, composed by Alejandro Beneito, Andrea Wilshusen, Dylan Burt, Jorge de Torres, Jaime Lloret, Roger Suarez and Francesc Boix (myself).

︎︎︎ Stretegic framework
︎︎︎ Executive production
︎︎︎ Creative direction
︎︎︎ Team management
︎︎︎ Actual skateboarding