Francesc Boix

I am a thinker & strategic planner based in Barcelona.

I develop my work at Lateral Thinking, one of the most renowned creative production agencies in the city.

Before, I was a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and internet content creator, experiences that gave me a unique background to do what I do today. 

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Drop In Eurotour

Red Bull

Red Bull wanted to put up a memorable event to kick off their skateboarding team’s European tour. So our Lateral Thinking and Skate Agora teams got the space ready to produce a demo that Barcelona’s skate community wouldn’t forget.

On a more personal note, as I drove home after the event I reflected on the experience I had just lived. I had shaken hands with my childhood heroes. I don’t believe I would have started taking skateboarding seriously if I hadn’t seen the Plan B team —where Torey, Ryan, Leticia and Felipe skated— on videos back in the early 2010s. Where would I be if I hadn’t started taking skateboarding seriously?

I started skateboarding because of them, created a career around it thanks to them, and when I had to stop skateboarding they were still there, inspiring a new generation of skaters to take up this marvelous piece of wood.