Francesc Boix

I am a thinker & strategic planner based in Barcelona.

I develop my work at Lateral Thinking, one of the most renowned creative production agencies in the city.

Before, I was a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and internet content creator, experiences that gave me a unique background to do what I do today. 

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Precision On Point


The London-based creative agency AKQA developed a brilliant concept for the SP24 Phantom GX Campaign. The new Phantom Barna was to be unveiled by Alexia Putellas in a huge event right in the center of Barcelona.

But to make a concept a reality, they needed a local agency that knew both the brand and the city and could turn a great concept into an execution that could work IRL.

So the first thing we did was thinking about the journey. Considering the messaging hierarchy that Nike’s guidelines showcased, we created a user journey that while keeping the tension and fun that the event needed, effectively communicated the precision that Phantom gives you, and did so in the right order.

This is one of the many cases where knowing how to read Nike's strategic plans and creative guidelines and creating a comprehensive download for our creative team was key for the project’s success.

Once the pitch was won, it was just a matter of our creative and production team doing what they do best. And the pictures speak for themselves…