Francesc Boix

I am a thinker & strategic planner based in Barcelona.

I develop my work at Lateral Thinking, one of the most renowned creative production agencies in the city.

Before, I was a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and internet content creator, experiences that gave me a unique background to do what I do today. 

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Dance Camp


Nike wanted to create a massive event for the dance community in Barcelona.

We knew that their new global content framework demanded hyper-raw content, which enticed Nike to hand the mic to athletes and let them express themselves.

We also realized that Gen-Z dancers want to dance all day, they are proactive af and they’ll sing up to anything... as long as they can express their uniqueness freely.

This is why, within the event, we decided to introduce a user-generated content experience to create engagement within the Gen-Z dance community.

The bottom line was, that to make something attractive, we had to think of something original, adaptable, and techy. So we decided to focus on showcasing a new perspective on dance. Instead of facing forward, the camera would be upside down, below their feet.

To do so we built a 2x2-meter glass platform which, as you stepped on it, launched a digital interface that recorded them dance for 30 seconds. A video was created automatically so that they could download it right away just by scanning a QR code.